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Welcome to Find Your Way, the place for finding personal coaching for schools, teachers and students. My coaching courses are for teachers looking for support with developing their personal teaching skills, CPD or moving up to a leadership role. I also provide coaching courses for sixth form students needing help deciding what to do once school and A-levels are over.

Coaching for Students

Aimed at sixth form students to help you decide what to do when you leave school. This may be with choosing a degree course, apprenticeship, internship, training course, full time job or any other pathway that meets your ambitions and fires your passions.


Coaching for Teachers

This may be help and resources to improve your performance as a teacher, develop your personal skill set, or get space and time for completing your CPD. I can help you gain the confidence, skills and self-awareness needed for a long and successful teaching career.

Coaching Teachers for Leadership

Leadership takes courage, passion, resilience and self-belief. If you’re ready to step up to a leadership role, I will help you understand and identify what skills and behaviours you need to develop not only to take on the role, but to excel in it and inspire the whole school.

How can an educational coach help you?

Coaching at any stage of life and in any profession can be transformational. It can help you with your personal growth and development, your job performance, targets, and goals. Coaching can make the difference between succeeding at your chosen vocation, or just getting by. Or between dreaming your dreams and living them.

Because coaching is a two-way dialogue, it can help you change from being dependent on others to becoming more independent and self-sufficient, enabling you to take greater responsibility for your own actions. My goal is to ask you the right questions and listen to the answers with an open mind, encouraging you to think for yourself and become more self-aware.

I’m an experienced teacher and a senior school leader, so I know how challenging the school environment can sometimes be. I’ve therefore developed three main coaching packages, each designed to meet different outcomes and to work around the school day.