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Sixth Form and Choosing Your Next Direction in Life

Helping you make informed choices – whatever comes next

Being in sixth form or in college is a whole new world. You are handed a degree of independence you’ve never experienced behind the school gates before. Free periods, off-site lunch breaks, and no more school uniform. You are expected to take much more responsibility for your own learning, and private study and “reading around the curriculum” becomes the norm.

Yes the work is harder, but you feel like you’re finally being treated like a grown-up, free to make your own decisions and your own choices. Including choosing your next direction in life.

So what comes next? Once Year 13 is over? What awaits you in the world beyond school?

If you’ve already made your decision and are following your interest, then congratulations! But if you’re still stuck about what to do once all the exams are over, then I can help.

Life after school is full of opportunities, but sometimes the seemingly endless array of possibilities can feel overwhelming, especially if you haven’t yet decided what you want to do with your life. You may feel like all of your friends have picked their university options and are happily anticipating the upcoming open days. Or they’re targeting an apprenticeship, internship, full-time job or school-leaver programme. Or even a gap year where they’ll be avidly sharing snaps of airports, hostels and overflowing backpacks …

If you feel like you’re being left behind as your friends make their plans for world domination, talk to me.

What’s next after year 13?

Let me help you decide what’s right for you

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How can an educational coach help you?

Instead of waiting for the answer to drop into your lap, I will work with you to help you decide what you want to do with the rest of your life. Together we will identify what you’re good at, what the future could potentially look like, and help you overcome any fears about making the wrong decision. I’ll also help you see that even if you make the wrong decision now, you can always change your mind later.

The best thing about working with me is that I’m completely independent. I’m not exposed to any influences from your parents, family and school – no matter how well meaning they may be. I will encourage you to think for yourself, become more self-aware, focus on your goals, and take personal responsibility for your own actions and next steps as you contemplate life beyond sixth form.

I will listen to you carefully with an open mind, although my objective is to involve you in a two-way dialogue as we explore the various options and identify the right pathways for you to conquer your own corner of the world.


To find out more get in touch for a no-obligation chat about my coaching courses and the best way forward for you.